The first planet found beyond the original eight. A rather large planet, Azef was colonized in the early years of the Golden Colonial Age. The colonies flourished and therefore had one of the largest cities on the surface of the planets. Considered the birthplace of many of the new technologies that formed, it is a beacon of the galaxy- the true edifice of human's ingenious mental capacity. It's most obvious physical characteristics is it's bright reddish color.


Founded by Giselle Azef, Azef was not colonized until four decades later. The scientific community was in uproar with the discovery of Azef, some believing it to be a hoax created by Giselle Azef to further her young career. But scientists started to come up with evidence with the existence of the planet and was heralded as one of the most important discoveries as it proved that there were other planets then that of the original eight. Four decades later, Giselle Azef decided to start the expedition of Azef with the evidence that Azef was like that of Mars and not gaseous as Jupiter. And therefore the first colony Getty Town was discovered on the northern part of the planet and Giselle Azef led to the colony to success. Valuable minerals needed for space travel, weapon research, and medical technology were found and Azef became a large trading planets. People flocked to the planets in hope to get rich from the discovery and soon the planet's population was increasing drastically.

Azef is a rather peaceful planet and had only few skirmishes with other planets and never was involved in the many wars. It maintained it's neutrality to profit from the fact that both sides needed Azef for its minerals. Never, have Azef been occupied or attacked.

People and CultureEdit

The inhabitants of Azef are usually called Azefians or just simply Azefs. Generally the people of Azef are industrious people and are known for their technological expertise. The old stereotype of the Azefs is that they are hardworking people who are usually illiterate as schools were limited during the early years of its colonization. However, that is not the case as many people come to Azef to learn the use of technology.

The planet of Azef practices a Republic government and as of presently the President of Azef is that of Alexis Mcroy the Third. There is only one house and a small judicial branch, however the people describe their government is rather fair and have a moderately high approval of the representation of the people. The government is usually concerned with trade sanctions and the different factions are in debate of what planets to invest in. Also enviromental concerns are high as scientists proclaim that the mineral resources aren't as infinite as the people think.


- Nikia is the capital

- Azefian Dance originated

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